What is a New Mexico charter school?

A charter school is a public school that is independent from a district and is free to attend. Charter schools are created by the State of New Mexico or through a local school district. They operate much like a school district by setting their own curriculum, creating their own budget, and hiring & their own staff. Charter schools must follow the same laws and regulations that other public schools throughout the state follow.  ACE Leadership is a locally chartered school.


ACE offers a day and evening program

ACE Leadership High School has a traditional day program like any other school. This is the more traditional route for students. ACE also offers an Evening Program that allows students the opportunity to still earn their high school diploma, just in a different format and learning system. The Evening Program is perfect for students that may have dropped out and now want to return to school. The Evening Program is also for those students that want a different school schedule- ACE offers a hybrid model where students attend in-person twice a week and two days will be online. The Evening Program allows students a more flexible option to earn their high school diploma. The Evening Program runs Monday-Thursday from 4-7. Click to learn more about the Evening Program.   

ACE welcomes ALL students, including students with disabilities to become a student and be a part of the ACE family! We offer reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities that wish to attend ACE. 




Submit an Application to Attend ACE

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