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Welcome to ACE Leadership High School

At ACE, we educate and prepare young people in a caring and supportive environment to develop the skills and character necessary to become successful leaders in their communities and in their future ACE professions.


Our Mission

The Mission of ACE Leadership High School is to engage young people who love to design and build things with the skills they need to become leaders in the construction profession. We serve young people to have successful careers by caring for their intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being as students.


Students at ACE have been described as strong, perseverant, genuine, honest, and diverse. Many of our students have experienced things that could derail an average student. Our students have made the choice to continue their education in spite of obstacles they have faced. They learn outside of the box and use problem-solving and innovation to address real-world problems. Our students will be the future, and they will be prepared for work in any field.